Hi, I am Timmi

aka Tiemo Hunger. Welcome to my laboratory!

I graduated in Computer Science and have been working in and for small and big enterprises, from co-founding over self-employment.

I specialized mainly in user facing technologies and web-technologies. Recognizing trends and beeing an early adopter as well as a product inventor are the basics of my daily work.

What else? Born and raised in Linz, Austria, living and creating in Switzerland since 2011.

My next step? Moving to Klagenfurt, Austria - working on big products.

My interests are versatile, from arts to zeta - functions. I took arts education as well as I am currently studying math and economics as an undergraduate.

I like creature centered experience design approaches (for everyone, not only human users), all this AI stuff which is going on right now, playing around with quantum computer apis and hopping at the bleeding edge.

Discord, email - me, etc.... See You Around! Tiemo, Timmi.

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Next Up

Introduce social media components

Activate Book Club app and discord channel

Implement Blog Page

Add Current Project to the top of the Page

Shorten introduction

Move introduction to seperate page


30th of September 2020, 23:23 pm CET

Releasing first parts of my portfolio.


11th of August 2020, 23:23 pm CET

Releasing the first unperfected version of timmi.dev